Best Ethernet Surge Protectors 2022 [Top Picks & Buying Guide]

What is an ethernet surge protector and what things should you consider when buying one? This article provides a review of the top 7 best Ethernet surge protectors for this year. It also includes frequently asked questions about these products.

The Ethernet surge protector is designed to protect your network cable and your devices from power surges. A power surge is a sudden increase in voltage. For example, when lightning strikes the electric lines near your house or business, it can result in a power surge.

When this happens, the energy comes through your cable Ethernet-enabled line devices – which are typically made of copper and make their way to your computer and internet equipment. If you have one of these devices plugged in when the power surge happens, it can cause irreparable damage.

To prevent this unwanted hoping, a surge protector prevents damage to any of the equipment that’s connected by cutting off the electricity supply when it detects a power spike.

So using this device(Ethernet protection), you can rest assured knowing that all of your ethernet lines are safe from harm. You won’t have to worry about expensive repairs or downtime ever again! This will be one purchase you’ll never regret making.

Top 3 Products Comparison Chart & Our Top Picks

Item Name: Tupavco TP302 APC PNET1GB WatchfulEyE SG/RJ45-S
Product Image:
Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches 1.34 x 1.34 x 1.34 inches 3.98 x 1.97 x 1.3 inches
Data Rate: 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Lan Cable: CAT5/CAT6 CAT5/CAT6 CAT6
Ethernet Ports: Gigabit GbE PoE+ (HPoE) PoE PoE
Gas Discharge Tube: Yes
Warranty: 30-Day Return Lifetime
Price: Check Price Check Price Check Price

Below is the top product’s review, you can check and make a decision which one is suitable for you to buy or gather more information about ethernet surge protectors from buying guide and FAQs section.

Top 7 Best Ethernet Surge Protectors Reviewed

1. APC P11VNT3 Ethernet Surge Protector & Power Strip

The APC P11VNT3 is a reliable and safe power protector for any office or home. It provides professional-grade quality, protects against grid fluctuations, and improves important data transfer.

With this ethernet & power strip, the wiring in your building is protected from fault indicators. As a “low-line” surge protector, this surge protector can only be plugged into 110 volts and offers 3020 Joules of surge protection.

Additionally, 11 universal outlets plus two coax jacks enable easy connection of wired equipment, like TVs and video game consoles. Additionally, Data Line Protection (DVP) provides protection for phone lines and data connections without slowing down internet speeds.

With its high-speed internet connectivity, it can deliver up to 160 Mbps/sec. P11VNT3 is an external protection device that protects connected equipment by providing a secure connection to the power supply.

You can mount it on walls or put it on your desk, and there is an 8-foot power cable for connecting it to a power source.

Moreover, the convenient 8-foot cord is easy to untangle, which means that you can power multiple rooms at once! The best part is that this power strip comes with a lifetime warranty and $150,000 connected equipment assurance.

Key Features

  • Professional Grade Protection: This 11-outlet model from APC ensures surge protection at a professional grade from any power disturbance like surges, spikes, lightning strikes, and other disturbances in the line. 
  • Block Spaced Outlets: The 6-block spaced outlets are another worthy feature of this power strip. Because in those outlets, you’ll be able to plug the big adapters easily.
  • Protection Policy: It offers a $100,000 electric appliance protection policy. This commitment always keeps a worry-free experience which is really an appreciative job from the P11VNT3.
  • High power protection.
  • It is not too hot.
  • It provides a smooth data connection with speed.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • Reasonable price (2-1 benefits)
  • There is a power outlet close to the ethernet jack.

Expert Opinion: If you are looking for a surge protector power strip with multi-tasking ability and a worry-free experience, this 11-outlet APC P11VNT3 power strip will meet your needs and satisfy you with its performance.

2. Tupavco TP302 Ethernet Surge Protector

This Ethernet surge protector for a Gigabit GbE PoE+ is built to last with a rugged aluminum case that is tough and durable. Plus, it even has mounting flanges so that the power distribution unit can be mounted securely just about anywhere!

In addition, it includes two 8-foot rods for mounting this device quickly and securely on a wall or pole. You can connect it to a telephone line via the RJ-11 connector. The 4x gas tubes included with the unit protect from surges and POP overvoltage. I like its gas discharge feature that protects it against surges which are the most common cause of damage.

Your internet speed won’t be slowed down, and you will still be protected against surges when they occur. You will get up to 1000 Mbps internet connection speed.

This device provides protection and works for CAT5/CAT6/CAT6a/CAT7 cables. It can work with both POE and non-POE devices, but it has to be powered by POE.

Tupaco TP302 offers extra protection against lightning strikes and accidental power surges in any environment. So if you need a pack of ethernet protection devices, you should consider this one.

Key Features:

  • Cheap Price: Its price is low and offers a wide range of features and functionalities. It is not only capable of handling 1 Gigabit per second data transfer, but it also protects power-supply equipment (PSE) from overcharging.
  • 2 Modes: A line-line mode and a ground mode are also available on this mountable RJ45 surge protector. It prevents short circuits between network nodes and between line-to-ground mode and earth.
  • One for Each Network: Getting one Ethernet surge protector for each network node in the network is highly recommended if you have many network communication devices or workstations at home or in the office.
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Gas tube offers more protection.
  • Metal material makes it look stylish.
  • You can’t buy a single one.

Expert Opinion: The Ethernet surge protector has all the protection capabilities. So it ensures to keep all your appliances safe and provide the highest performance when connected.

3. WatchfulEyE WTH-SG/RJ45-S Ethernet Surge Protector

The purpose of a surge protector is to protect the connected system and gadgets. With the direct in-line plug-in design, you can plug directly into a standard wall outlet without having to buy an additional power strip.

The WatchfulEye WTH-SG/RJ45-S ethernet surge protector can protect both AC and DC power systems from surges. Due to its Ethernet and PoE capabilities, this surge protector is ideal for offices, schools, or any other institution.

This product meets standards such as IEC 61000-4-5 and supports data speeds of 100/1000Mbps, making it an ideal choice for price-sensitive customers who need to ensure their data transfer won’t be hampered in any way.

It includes even a gas discharge tube so that the surge protector is able to ensure a secure connection without affecting performance in any way! Additionally, since this surge protector has an RJ45 port, it can be used at home.

It is perfect for LAN Network cable CAT5/CAT6, PoE, and Video Surveillance NVR devices. The whole unit is backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, so if there are any problems with the product you can easily have it

The WTH-SG/RJ45-S can protect the devices plugged into it from surges, which can be extremely useful for any type of Ethernet use. For its useful features, it is also quite affordable. This surge protector is a great buy.

Key Features:

  • GDS & TVS: In this Ethernet protector, a Gas Discharge Tube (GDS) and Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) protector protect all connected appliances from any surges, spikes, lightning strikes, and other electric faults in the line.
  • Compatibility & Bit Rate: The cable works well with 10/100/1000M Base T-Ethernet systems as well as other network cables such as Cat6. In addition, it offers 100/1000 Mbps data transfer rate, which is considered adequate for home and office networks.
  • Works perfectly with any router.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Quality and material are excellent.
  • Great price!
  • No major cons.

Expert Opinion: Since the WTH-SG/RJ45-S Ethernet Surge protector from WatchfulEyE has a direct in-line plug-in setup method, you can easily set it up in a minute with no hassle. If you are thinking of buying a straightforward one, you should go for this one.

4. Tupavco TP302 Ethernet Surge Protector

The Tupavco TP302 ethernet surge protector is ideal for homes and offices with network connections and electronic devices. Its metal housing provides powerful protection from electric surges, lightning strikes, and direct contact to power wiring.

This protector comes equipped with RJ45 lightning suppressors so it works for Gigabit GbE PoE+ (HPoE) equipment and can protect any networking hardware such as routers and cameras.

Due to its impressive discharge control performance, it ensures that the circuit operates uninterrupted even when other components draw higher current than normal.

If you connect this grounding block to any panel ground point or properly grounded water pipe near your electrical breaker panel, you will never have to worry about your networking components being damaged.

The Tupavco TP302 is a 4-pair ground block designed to protect data, voice, and video network devices, including PoE+ equipment. Furthermore, a thunder arrestor RJ45 port is also built into the protector to help protect POE Cameras and other devices from outdoor lightning strikes and internal surges.

This design ensures maximum security for both data and power. It is the best solution for those looking to protect their devices from lightning and surges in a more economical manner.

  • It is made with good materials.
  • Perfect for adjusting with a wall.
  • Excellent performance and speed up 1000 Mbps.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Not good for traveling.
  • No diodes.

5. Tupavco TP303 Ethernet Surge Protector Outdoor

The Tupavco TP303 ethernet surge protector is designed with outdoor durability in mind. It even comes with a weather-resistant coating to keep it looking new, no matter what you throw at it.

By clamping the cable on both sides of the protector, bidirectional clamping ensures the safety of your connection. With a key lock option, this surge protection box provides additional security.

You can connect up to one device to this amazing product, which will deliver speeds up to 1000 Megabits per second, as well as provide you with 72 volts of clamping voltage, so you can stay safe during the brutal summer storms!

As with other RJ45 cable protections, it smoothly works with Cat6/Cat5e/Cat3 ethernet cables for both compressed and uncompressed applications.

This unit is engineered to protect PoE devices (Power over Ethernet) by safeguarding against voltage surges up to 8KV. The TP303 is compatible with most PoE devices, including wireless access points and IP cameras without additional PoE injectors.

The TP303 comes in a sleek white casing and includes an installation guide to get you started right away!

Key Features:

  • Weather-Resistant: The Tupavco TP303 is a weather-resistant Ethernet surge protector for PoE/high PoE+, GbE 1000 Mbps LAN Ethernet network. 
  • Gas Discharge Tube: It uses a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT). The Gas Discharge Tube harness and release excess voltage from incoming power by dissipating voltage transients through enclosed plasma gases. 
  • Thunder Arrestor: The thunder arrestor ensures the best protection for your computer, router, modem, switch, hub etc. From lightning strikes. 
  • The machine is well-designed and well-built.
  • It protects the PoE device from losing power due to a surge.
  • It is protected from open ground.
  • Is easy to install and secure to the wall, with a key lock.
  • Reasonable price.
  • No major cons.

Expert Opinion: Overall, the TP303 is a compact, lightweight Ethernet surge protector with all sorts of protection features included. Additionally, the weather resistance makes it worthier than other models.

6. Belkin BV112234-08 Power Strip and Ethernet Surge Protector

The Belkin BV112234-08 power strip is a surge protector that offers protection from power surges and line noise with an octopus pack of 12 outlets and two powered USB chargers.

Its 4,000 Joule energy rating and safety slide lock make it an ideal choice for high voltage devices like desktop computers, televisions, and projectors. In addition, it can protect home theater systems as well.

Additionally, this surge protector has a built-in phone line and coaxial protection, as well as 1-in-2-out RJ11 ports for telephone or TV signal lines. With both protectors (Ethernet and power strip), the long cord makes sure that all appliances can be connected to the appropriate outlets without tangles!

It supports any standard Lan line ethernet port and USB 1.1 and 2.0 charging ports. It offers Ethernet, coaxial, and telephone cable protection along with a right-angle plug for tight spaces, and is energy star-certified.

This ethernet protector/power strip also comes with a 2-year limited warranty, so they’ll replace or repair the surge protector as necessary. So I think if you need to protect your electric device and ethernet system, this is a good choice.

Key Features:

  • 12 AC Outlets: It comes with 12 AC outlets with a 4000 Joule energy rating that ensures high safety for all the electric appliances connected to it.
  • Ethernet Port: This power strip has 2 Ethernet ports which are also protected from any spikes, surges, and lightning strikes in the line. It ensures an uninterrupted internet connection and network at your home and office.
  • Warranty and Policy: Lastly, the 2-year limited warranty with a $250,000 equipment protection policy makes this surge protector preferable to users. 
  • Easy to use.
  • High safety security.
  • Perfect for using multiple devices at the same time.
  • It protects power surges and line noise.
  • The cord organing system is not very good.
  • The Ethernet surge protector is not gigabit-speed protection.

Expert Opinion: It’s not a typical Ethernet surge protector, but it will meet your needs by giving you the facilities of having extra outlets for other electric devices. So if you are looking for one with multi-purpose usage, then this is highly recommended.

7. APC PNET1GB Surge Protector for Ethernet Data Port

When connecting POE+ devices, the APC PNET1GB provides peace of mind. The surge protector, which has an Ethernet port, protects from surges and back-door surges. It also has a fail-safe mode that protects your equipment from spikes or power outages.

Not thus its thermal breaker will ensure that your home entertainment system is up and running. This best ethernet surge protector also provides superior protection for wiring and electrical line equipment.

I like the pigtail grounding wire, which is very easy to connect. There is a status LED indicator, so you can easily keep track of all the line statuses. APC’s PNET1GB Surge Protector has a child-safety lock, making it impossible to remove it without the special key.

As an extra measure to ensure complete safety, its Ethernet port is designed so that the surge protector won’t interfere with access to adjacent outlets.

Furthermore, the compact design and RoHS compliance make it easy to store. In addition to protecting computers, Internet routers, and cable and DSL modems, this surge protector is a great option for protecting all kinds of appliances.

Keep in mind When using APC products, the average lifespan is reduced by up to 60%. This is an excellent product for people who wish to preserve their funds.

Key Features:

  • Bit Rate: With Catastrophic Event Protection, the APC ProtectNet PNET1GB provides peace of mind with its compatibility with PoE (Power over Ethernet) and 10/100/1000 Base-T networks. The data transfer rate is 1000 Mbps of this Ethernet surge protector.
  • Lightweight: This lightweight Ethernet surge protector takes just a nanosecond to respond to an electrical surge in the current. Consequently, you will be protected from catastrophic damage to your valuable data and network communication equipment.  
  • Excellent internet speed rating.
  • Good level of protection.
  • Perfect for cat6 ethernet cable.
  • Protect for high surges and power spikes.
  • No gas tube.

Expert Opinion: Since APC manufactures high-quality UPS systems and surge protection, you can count on PNET1GB to protect your electronic equipment if you are looking for an affordable Ethernet surge protection device.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Ethernet Surge Protector

There are many things that need to be taken into account when you want to select the best Ethernet surge protector. Below are the key factors that you need to consider.

Strong Housing

An Ethernet surge protector with strong housing is advantageous because it prolongs the life of the device. If your ethernet protection device is more strong, it means that it will serve you for a longer time.

So try to find a device with strong housing.

Data Speed Rate

The Ethernet surge protector you are planning to buy should have a high data speed rate. So try to find a device that can provide you with a minimum of 1000 Mbps which is the basic speed of Ethernet.

Protection Capacity

You also need to consider the protection capacity of any device that you want to buy. Ensure that the surge protector that you want to buy has enough capacity to protect your devices from voltage fluctuations.

You may ask yourself how you can know the capacity of any device that you want to buy. The answer is by reading its specification sheet, where all information about the device is written.


When choosing an Ethernet surge protector, make sure that you select a device that is mountable. This way, it will be easy for you to set up the device.

Avoid purchasing a surge protector that is not mountable because you will spend more time trying to set it up. So you should choose easily mountable devices for your protection.

Support to T Ethernet network

It is also wise that you research and buy a surge protector with support to the T Ethernet network. This way, you will be able to enjoy your protection because any T Ethernet network will be able to work well when the device is installed.

Ethernet surge protectors are available in various designs so you need to choose the one that is appealing to you.

Extra protection

An Ethernet surge protector with extra protection is advantageous because it will be able to provide high performance. So if you find a device that has extra protection, go ahead and buy it because it will be of great help to you.

Besides, with extra protection, you will find it easy to protect your valuable appliances.

Power indicator

You also need to consider power indicators when you are in the market shopping for an Ethernet surge protector. If you find a device with a power indicator, it will be easy for you to monitor the power supply.

Although most of the top-rated data protection device has no power indicator.

Number of Ports

You also need to consider the number of ports in any device that you want to buy. Ensure that the ethernet surge protector that you want to buy has enough ports to meet your current needs.

You may ask yourself how you can know the number of ports that you want in your device. The answer is by trying to read its specification sheet.


When you want to buy an Ethernet surge protector, it is also wise that you choose a device with documentation. By buying such a device, you will be able to use the device easily, and also you will be able to monitor its performance.

If you do not want any hustle when using your protector, then you need to select a device with detailed documentation.

Easy installation

When choosing an Ethernet surge protector, also consider those with easy installation. You need to know that installing such a device will be fast and convenient because it will not need any tool.

So choose a device that is easy to install and you will enjoy its benefits.


You also need to consider the warranty period of any Ethernet surge protector that you want to buy. If you find a device with a longer warranty, it will be of great advantage to you because it will serve you for a longer time.

So choose a device with a long warranty if you want value for your money.

I hope, this buying guide will be of great assistance to you because it examines all key factors that you must take into account when you want to select a top-rated Ethernet surge protector.

FAQs of The Best Ethernet Surge Protector For POE

What is an Ethernet surge protector?

An Ethernet surge protector is a device that protects your network against voltage surges and electrical interference.

What is the data transfer speed for an Ethernet surge protector?

The data transfer speed for a top-rated Ethernet surge protector ranges from 10 million bits per second to 1 billion bits per second. Also, you can choose a device with the speed that you want.

Do I need to be an electrical engineer when I install my Ethernet surge protector?

Definitely, no. You do not need to be an electrical engineer when you want to install your Ethernet surge protector because it is easy to install. So you will be able to set it up without any struggle.

How much is an Ethernet surge protector?

An Ethernet surge protector has a wide price range. It depends on various factors including the type of protector, features, and so on.
You can choose a device that you can afford so that you do not strain yourself.

What is POE?

POE or Power over Ethernet is an electrical standard for carrying power and data over a single Ethernet cable. It was developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to support electrical devices such as wireless access points and IP cameras.

How do I know if my Ethernet surge protector has POE?

An Ethernet surge protector that supports power over Ethernet will be labeled as POE. On the other hand, an Ethernet surge protector that does not support power over Ethernet will be labeled as regular (also known as non-POE).

How many Ethernet surge protectors can I hook up to my modem?

You will be able to connect more than one Ethernet surge protector to your modem. But I think, one surge protector device is enough in most cases.

Where should you mount the surge protector?

You should mount the surge protector in a dry place where it will be safe from dust and water. Moreover, you should not drill holes because it will damage the device.

Is it beneficial to have multiple outlets?

Yes, it is beneficial to have multiple outlets and jacks. For example, you can connect gadgets like TVs and computers via protectors. So if you want to buy a device, choose one with multiple outlets.

What is Gas discharge?

Gas discharge suppression protects critical data lines. Standard ESDs divert excess electrical charge onto the attached ground which could result in lost data or system crashes.
A gas discharge suppression device (GDS) is an active component that diverts electrical surges away from sensitive circuitry before they can cause damage.

Is having a Gas Discharge Tube beneficial in a surge protector?

Yes, it is beneficial because a gas discharge tube diverts electrical surges away from sensitive circuitry before they can cause damage.

Does ethernet need surge protection?

Yes, Ethernet needs surge protection. It is installed on your modem to protect the devices connected to the router against electrical surges.

Is it good to use a power strip ethernet surge protector?

Yes, it is good to use a power strip as long as the device supports POE. Also, using a power strip that has ethernet, alarm, and UPS will be beneficial. But in this case, you should choose an ethernet protection surge protector power strip that comes with a warranty.


An Ethernet surge protector is an electronic device that protects your network against voltage surges and electrical interference.

Typically, the data transfer speed for an Ethernet surge protector is 10 million bits per second to 1 billion bits per second. So you should check the data transfer rate (minimum recommend speed 1000 Mbps).

However, choose a device based on your budget and the type of Ethernet surge protector that you need. As you can see, it is easy to choose the best Ethernet surge protector if you follow the above points of buying guide.

Also, our reviewed top 7 best Ethernet surge protectors will give you a clear idea of what device you should choose.

I am quite sure, with the information provided in this article, you will be able to find the best Ethernet surge protector easily.

Thank you for reading this review! Feel free to leave your comments below.

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