7 Best Battery Powered Gun Safe Lights 2022[Our Top Picks]

Safe lights have now become a trendy thing for us. Nowadays, we look for hassle-free wireless battery-powered LED lights for indoor and outdoor usage. 

Wireless LED lights with motion sensors are the most considerable options we all look for. Here, I’m going to review seven of the best battery powered gun safe lights available on the market. Reading this review, you will learn about their usage, pros, cons, and many other things.

So, continue reading till the end.

COMPARISONRing Smart Lighting-FloodlightMr. Beams MB390 300-Lumen  GE Wireless LED Wall SconceLOENDE Crystal Globe String Lights  GE wireless LED light bar  Energizer LED Tap Light  GE Under Cabinet Light
Lightning TypeBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDBattery powered LED
Brightness600 Lumens300 Lumens37.6 LumensN/A150 Lumens20 Lumens150 Lumens
Power TypeWirelessWirelessWirelessWirelessWirelessWirelessWireless
Motion DetectorYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Rechargeable BatteriesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Mounting OptionScrewScrewScrew/TapeWireScrew/TapeScrew/TapeScrew/Tape
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Buying Guide of Gun Safe Lights

Before you purchase any LED light for your home or any other place, you should know some important things about them. I’m mentioning them below one by one.

1 Brightness

The first thing you need to notice is the brightness level of the LED light. If you want to install them inside your house, say, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, closet, stairways, etc., then light with 150-200 lumens brightness will be enough. 

But if you are looking for something to install in your backyard, garage, or any other outdoor place, then the brightness should be at least 300 lumens. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with the lightning and won’t be able to see clearly. So before you purchase one, check if the light can provide enough brightness for you or not.

2. Motion Detector

Another crucial thing to check is if the LED light has a motion detector in it or not. 

In case you don’t know what a motion detector is? Then let me tell you that a motion detector is a sensor that senses any motions in front of the viewing angle of it. Whenever any object passes by the sensor or enters the viewing area of the sensor, then it immediately detects the motion and sends a signal to the control panel.

So, a light with a motion detector will minimize your efforts. Whenever you walk in front of the light, the light will automatically turn on, and after a limited period of time, it’ll turn off itself. 

So, check if the LED light you’re going to purchase has a motion detector or not. 

3. Battery Type

The next thing to watch out for is the type of battery that the light uses. If rechargeable batteries power the light, then it will be the best choice because none of us want to change the batteries with new ones every time. If you can recharge the batteries, then it will save you a lot of money. 

4. Weather Resistance

If you are purchasing a light for your backyard or the entry of your garage, or other outdoor places, then the light should be protected from rough climate conditions.

So a LED light with good weather resistance will meet your needs. And if you want one for indoor usage like your kitchen, stairways, or other places inside your house, it’s not necessary to be weather resistant. You can go for a regular one.

Additionally, proper lighting in the gun safe can reduce moisture levels, preventing corrosion.

5. Installation Method

The installation method is another essential thing to consider. If you need an expert to mount a LED light in your house, then it’s a burden cost for you. So look for one that you don’t need to call anybody else to install. 

The customers always appreciate a LED light with an easy installation method.

6. Warranty

Last but not least is the warranty of the product you are purchasing. If the product has a decent warranty period, then you can rely on its service, and you don’t have to worry till the expiry of the warranty period.

So, consider buying one with a decent warranty period and supportive customer service.

7 Top Rated Battery Powered Gun Safe Lights

1. Ring Smart Lighting-Floodlight


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Brighter than other lights
  • Enhances home security
  • It can be operated through a smartphone.
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Weather resistant


  • Drains battery quickly

Nowadays, technology is more innovative than before. Following the advanced technologies in all other sectors, the Ring Smart Floodlight comes in.

  • Adjustable 600 Lumens
  • 4 D cell battery powered
  • Motion detection
  • Two lights
  • Smart device compatible

The ring comes with a smart floodlight, which you can control through voice commands. This Ring bright lightening floodlight is compatible with a Ring video doorbell, Amazon Alexa, and you can do everything with your smartphone. 

This package has two floodlights that provide 600 lumens of light, and you can adjust the brightness with your smartphone. It is powered by rechargeable batteries. You can charge the battery with the micro USB cable included in the box. 

The floodlight provides light and excellent security while being connected to the camera and doorbell. As it has a motion sensor, it detects any type of motion from 45 feet away and turns on the lights together. The motion sensor has a 180-degree field of view. As soon as a moving object passes in front of the floodlight, the light turns on, and you receive an alert on your phone.

You need a bridge to connect the weather-resistant Ring floodlight with Alexa or other Ring devices, including your smartphone. 

Expert Opinion: Overall, this Ring smart floodlight is a great option to have. To enhance the security of your home, to notice every little movement in your house, and to make your home smarter, this is a must-purchase device if you are looking for one.

2. Mr. Beams MB390 300-Lumen


  • Motion Activation
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • Light sensor to prevent activation in daylight
  • Works properly in rough weather.
  • Easy to Install


  • Non-rechargeable batteries

The MB390 Wireless LED ultra-bright spotlight by Mr. Beams promises to clearly let you see from your house to your car and from your car to your house.

  • 300 Lumens
  • 400 sq. feet light coverage
  • Motion Sensor
  • Weatherproof
  • Light Sensor

The Ultra Bright comes in a couple of color options. One is white, and another one is a dark brown color. The 300 lumens of light on this model makes it one of the brightest wireless LED lights on the market. This LED is powered by 4 D cell type batteries which will last way longer while producing much brighter light than a comparable traditional light. 

Because of the interlocking seal system and a gasket, the MB390 remains completely weatherproof. You can use it outside in any climate. 

This model from Mr. Beams also has motion and light sensors. The motion sensor detects movement within 25 feet, and the light sensor saves the batteries’ energy because it only activates the light when it’s dark outside. 

It has a rotating feature both in the base and the neck so that you can point it precisely to the place you want. 

Another thing I like about the ultra-light is it’s super easy to install. All you need to do is take the base of the light and mount it on the surface where you want to install it. Then drive three anchor screws into the base, and you’re all set. 

Because the MB390 is a wireless light, you can mount it to the places where you would normally never be able to get a light source set up, let alone as bright and dependable of a light source as this one. 

Expert Opinion: So, it depends on where you want to put this light. If you want your garden, backyard, or lawn to be covered with brighter light when someone walks in through the place, then this ultra-bright LED light from Mr. Beams would be a great choice.

3. GE Wireless LED Wall Sconce


  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Very easy to install
  • Manual and automatic operating modes
  • Sleek and eye-catching design


The next one on this list is the GE Wireless Wall Scone Motion Sensing LED light.

  • 100 Watts
  • 4 AA batteries required
  • Wall Sconce style
  • White LED

The LED wall sconce is an ideal option if you are looking for a motion-sensitive LED light for your home. 

4 AA rechargeable batteries power this model. So you don’t have to worry about changing batteries again and again. Also, you don’t need to recharge the batteries every day. Once you recharge the batteries, they can last for at least 10 days.

In addition, this LED wall sconce’s motion sensor works accurately whenever an object moves in front of it. The automatic turn-on feature keeps the light on for 45 seconds. Say you want to keep the LED on for a more extended period of time. Then you can just turn it on manually and turn it off when needed. Both the automatic and manual features are included.

The motion sensor detects motion up to 20 feet away. You can put this LED on your stairways, bathroom, garage, entryway, or a place where you can afford to put a wired light. You can mount the light with a straightforward install process by just hanging it on a screw by the keyhole mounting slots on the back. It turns on automatically when you walk in front of it and turns off when you leave the room.

Expert Opinion: Overall, this GE wireless LED wall sconce light is a long-lasting, high-quality light for daily usage at home. Though the brightness is slightly lower, you can purchase it considering the other advanced features.

4. LOENDE Crystal Globe String Lights


  • Unique decor model lights
  • Risk-free touch
  • Waterproof and durable LEDs
  • 1-year warranty
  • Energy-saving timer function


  • No remote control

Are you looking for decorations for a party in your backyard? If yes, then the LOENDE crystal globe string lights are a perfect choice.

  • 16 feet long cord
  • 30 LED lights
  • 8 different modes
  • Indoor and outdoor usage

If you are looking to plan a party at your home and need some decoration or lighting, then this model from LOENDE will meet your needs and satisfy you with its performance.

The pack comes with 30 LED string lights powered by 3 AA rechargeable batteries. The lights are placed at 6-inch intervals. 

These lights have very durable built quality. The LED lights and the battery box are IP65-rated waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged. 

These string lights have 8 different lighting modes to create a diverse lighting experience. Also, it has a pre-programmed timing sequence. When you turn them on, they will stay on for 6 hours and then turn off for 18 hours every 24 hours to conserve batteries.  

You need to operate the lighting by clicking the control box button manually. The voltage output is only 4.5V, which is far lower than human body safety voltage. So, anyone can touch them without having any risks.

Expert Opinion: In a nutshell, these LED lights set from LOENDE would be perfect for decorating a party in your home or giving your home a little more beauty with lighting. So, if you plan to have something like that, you can go for this one.

5. GE wireless LED light bar


  • Rechargeable batteries used
  • Straightforward installation
  • Long life ensured
  • 90 days limited warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Only indoor usage
  • No motion sensor

GE electrical home offers a battery-operated touch-activated light for cabinets, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

  • 150 Lumens
  • 18 Inch
  • Touch activated
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries

The GE wireless LED light bar comes with a unique touch activation feature, which is rarely seen in other models. Whenever you want to turn the light on or off, just touch the metal of the light bar, and the light will be turned on. I like this feature very much. No hassle with the old traditions pushing buttons anymore. The only downside is, that there is no motion sensor on this white LED light.

Light output is 150 lumens, which should be sufficient for indoors. It can be placed under cabinet surfaces, kitchen counters, bathrooms, closets, etc., to make work easier.  

For homeowners and renters alike, the GE under cabinet light is an excellent choice. The device is powered by 8 AA batteries that can be recharged when out of power. There is no need to change them again. In the case of dimming lights, it means the batteries are depleted. To store energy for future use, take them away and recharge them.

The instruction manual for the GE cabinet light describes a very easy installation process. It’s as simple as taking a double-sided tape and sticking it to any surface. You can also mount it using mounting hardware. 

Expert Opinion: If you’re looking for a smart, touch-controlled, indoor battery-powered lighting option, consider this GE wireless LED light bar. It won’t be ideal for outdoor use if you need something brighter.

6. Energizer LED Tap Light


  • No complications, easy to use
  • Brighter light
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Sleek and compact design


  • No motion sensor

This Energizer LED tap light is a different and convenient one on this list. 

  • Manual, tap to turn on model
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Portable
  • Powered by rechargeable 4 AA batteries
  • Excellent for homeowners and renters
  • Indoor Use Only

Energizer comes with a manual, compact tap to turn on LED light which is a very good option for indoor usage. 

If you need something to put under your cabinet, drawer, closet, or shelf where it’s always dark, and you find it difficult to see what’s inside, then this LED light model will help you out. Simply mount the LED inside the cabinet, closet, or shelf, and you’re done. Whenever you open the cabinet door, just press the lens of the LED to turn it on and off. You can also put it in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. Places.

This LED has a simple and easy-to-install method. You can mount it on any surface by hook, two-way tape, or screws. And you don’t need any expert to do that.

4 AA rechargeable batteries power this unit. So no wiring is needed. Whenever the batteries are out of power, just take them away and recharge them. When recharging, put the other 4 batteries in there so that you remain served by the LED all the time.

Expert Opinion: This is a tool for indoor use only. Those who want an emergency light source or to lighten up their cabinet with beautiful lighting to make things easier can purchase this one.

7. GE Under Cabinet Light


  • Rechargeable batteries used
  • Straightforward installation
  • Long life ensured
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not so brighter
  • No motion sensor

A fully wireless and battery-powered tap light is available from GE electrical home for cabinets, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

  • 150 Lumens
  • 18 Inch
  • Push button
  • Powered by AA batteries

The GE under cabinet light is an excellent option for homeowners and renters alike. It’s powered by 8 AA batteries that are rechargeable when out of power. So you don’t have to worry about changing them again. When the light dims, it means that the batteries are running out of power. Just take them away and recharge them to store energy for further usage.

This GE light provides 150 lumens light which is supposed to be enough for indoor usage. You can put it under the cabinet surface, kitchen, bathroom, closet, etc., to make it lighten when working.  

A very easy-to-install process is mentioned in the instruction manual for the GE cabinet light. All you need to do is, take a double-sided tape and stick it to any surface you want. Or you can use mounting hardware to mount it, either. 

This white LED light doesn’t have a motion sensor. Instead, a push button is there to turn the light on and off. When you need to turn the light on or off, simply push the button at the end of the lighting.

Expert Opinion: This LED under-cabinet light from GE is for those who are looking for a cheap indoor battery-powered lighting option. This will not be the ideal choice if you need a brighter one for outdoor use.


How long does one set of batteries last?

The life of the batteries depends on the type of the batteries and how many times the light activates in a day. A set of not rechargeable batteries will last around a year with an average activation of 8-10 times of the light. If rechargeable batteries power the light, you may recharge them once in 7-10 days based on the number of daily activations.

How sensitive is the motion sensor?

The motion sensor is sensitive enough to detect a car or human body. It also detects a cat or a dog if it stands in front of the light. Otherwise, it won’t detect a smaller animal like a puppy or a cat if it runs away, keeping a decent distance from the light.

How long can I leave the light on?

If the light has a motion detector, it will automatically turn off after 30-45 seconds. But if the light is turned on manually, then it will be turned on until you turn it off.

Can I use two-sided tape to mount?

Yes, most battery-powered LEDs can be mounted on any surface with two-sided tape. But if the light is bulky, I won’t suggest you mount it with two-sided tape. Instead, you should use screws or other mounting options to mount them on the wall or other surfaces.

At the end of the review, no matter which type of battery-powered LED lights you want, there are plenty of options available with many features to light up your house’s indoor and outdoor places.

Know what you want and choose accordingly. I hope you enjoyed the article and the reviews of these best battery powered gun safe lights.

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