5 Best Audiophile Power Strip 2022 + Buying Guide

Are you looking for a power strip for your brand new sound system? Then you’ve come to the right place. There is always confusion between regular surge protectors and audiophile power strips.

Several audiophile power strips exist with different qualities and features, but if you want the right and the best audiophile power strip to protect your expensive audio-video system, then read this article.

I’ve reviewed 5 of the best audiophile power strips. In this in-depth review of audiophile power strips, I’ll try to discuss all those things to look for when buying one and make sure that you get the right one for your sound system. So, let’s jump into it. 

What is an audiophile power strip?

Let’s take a look at one of those off and overlook studio essentials that can make a difference in how your hi-fi system will perform, the audiophile power strip.

An Audiophile power strip is a device that processes, cleans up, and stabilizes the voltage coming out of an AC-powered wall outlet. It purifies the power coming out of the wall outlet, so your gear can perform at its optimal level. 

The wall outlets can provide up to 130 volts, which can cause spikes and surges that can be so damaging to your system. Other gears connected to the same outlet can cause noise spikes and pull down the voltage of your audio system and cause damage to your device. 

Many of us have experienced playing in a club or bar that uses a blender or a dishwasher, which changes the sound on stage, which is suddenly a huge hump. 

An audiophile power strip isolates your devices and limits all the noises from electricity so that you can have an interference-free experience. 

Benefits of audiophile power strip

Generally, electricity networks are exposed to electromagnetic interference when other electric appliances are connected to the same electric network. These interferences, called noise, interfere with the AC power and interrupt the operation.

This noise can be produced from inside the home and from outside of the building. The intensity of the noise depends on the traffic on the electric network. It can harm any audio-video systems’ performance.

So, if we go for an audiophile power strip, we’ll be able to get rid of all the noises and interferences and experience the best performance of our sound Hi-fi system.

Let’s talk about the benefits of an audiophile power strip shortly.

  • #Filtering: Provides extensive filtering to remove noise from other devices connected to the electricity network.
  • #Surge Protection: An audiophile power strip may also offer superior surge and spike protection to keep your gear healthy.
  • #Voltage Regulator: It takes the incoming AC power from the wall, and if the power is higher than it needs, it knocks the power down and provides clean power that is precisely 120V. This allows highly consistent operation of our gear, and it’s essential if our wall outlets fluctuate too high or too low. It all comes down and gives the amount of power our device needs. 
  • #Improves Sound Quality: A good audiophile strip improves the sound quality of our analog sound system, helps our digital gears perform well, and extends the life of our gears. It is only when our devices receive the exact amount of voltage they require that they perform at their best.

Best budget audiophile power strip

In our list of 5 audiophile power strips, the Tripp Lite Ultra Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip comes out on top as the best budget option.

In terms of budget and pricing, it has a much cheaper price tag compared to other products on the list. Though it’s cheaper than others, it doesn’t compromise on its features.

You get all the protection along with LED indicators and a lifetime warranty in the Tripp Lite Isobar 6 without having a big cut in your pocket.

Tripp Lite ISOBAR6 Ultra Isobar Surge Protector

tripp lite ISOBAR6
Tripp lite ISOBAR6

The Tripp Lite Ultra Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip comes with multiple features with very cheap pricing.

All electric appliances connected to this power strip will be protected from spikes and surges. It filters interferences and noises caused by other devices connected to the wall outlets in your home and provides clean and safe power. Because your gears don’t face any noises, they can perform at their best, and you can experience better quality sound and pictures from your TV, computer, hi-fi system, laptop, and other devices. 

You get a total of 6 NEMA 5 15R widely spaced outlets separated in two different sides, and they are arranged in three filter banks that keep the outlets isolated. Because the outlets are isolated, the isolation limits the interaction of noise among the electric appliances connected to the outlets.

If the ISOBAR6 Ultra faces overload, then it automatically turns itself off. There is a 12A circuit breaker integrated into this tool to make sure that it shuts down at the exact time of overload. 

This tool has LED lights to confirm power, line fault, and protections. The LEDs are a great feature to have.


  • LED lights ensure power, protection, and defects.
  • 6 ft AC power cord included.
  • Cheaper than other power strips.
  • Isolated outlets for noise-free power.
  • Integrated circuit breaker.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • No USB charging port included.

Final opinion: In the price range of under $100, it’s the best audiophile power strip on the market.

WAudio AC Power Purifier with Surge Protector

WAudio ac power purifier
WAudio AC power purifier

The W-3900 is an excellent audiophile power strip with multiple features. 

The first thing to look for is voltage protection. If you have unsafe circuits in your home, this particular tool can be a good choice for you in terms of protecting your hi-fi system, and you’ll also get the best performance from your sound system.

Voltage protection ensures the highest level of safety by not allowing dangerous voltages to reach your gear and also protects you from surges and spikes.

The second one is phase detection. It automatically detects the connection of the ground wire. 

The next most important feature is Overload Protection. If this audiophile power strip detects more than 15A of current, it automatically shuts itself down so that your devices don’t face any overload problems. If it shuts down, you need to press the reset button and turn it on again.

The W-3900 filters the power and provides noise and interference-free power and allows your gears to perform at their best. You won’t get any distortion or any other issues. Also, if you connect TV, projector, home theater, or other devices, then you’ll experience the best picture quality as well. 

Lastly, you’ll see two different kinds of outlets. 6 red-colored outlets provide filtered power to your gears. The other 4 outlets are black colored and won’t filter the power. So, make sure that you connect your sound system to the red outlets when you connect your sound system.


  • No UPS needed.
  • Two different types of outlets.
  • Removes noise and provides clean power.
  • Voltage and overload protection to keep the gears safe.


  • Plug spacing is not wide enough.
  • Higher Price tag

Final opinion: The W-3900 power strip has multiple features along with every possible protection included, and you also get two different types of outlets, I’ll recommend you to go for this one if you can consider the pricing.  

AudioQuest Power Quest 3

AudioQuest power quest 3
AudioQuest power quest 3

With this AudioQuest PowerQuest 3, you can experience the best audio-video entertainment. It ensures the complete protection of your gears from all possible surges and spikes. Let’s talk in detail.

You will get a total of 8 outlets in 3 different categories. The first 2 outlets are Ultra Linear filtered outlets for your 8K or 4K Television optimized for better video quality.

The other 2 outlets are for amplification devices that need higher power, and the rest four are for source components which are also Ultra Linear filtered. 

It can handle the total power of a building’s AC circuit and never fails. So, you don’t have to be worried about surges or any electrical hazards. If it faces a dangerous amount of voltage, it automatically shuts down and automatically turns on when the incoming power is safe again

To give you noise and distortion-free sound quality, it has two different filter modes of noise dissipation. One is the differential mode, and the other is the common mode.

The bonus feature of this tool is that you get 4x USB outlets in it. These ports can provide a maximum of 4.8 Amps separately, ensuring fast charging to your devices. 


  • Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets.
  • High-Speed USB charging ports.
  • High-Current Outlets for high powered devices
  • Two different Noise-Dissipation modes.


  • Expensive than other power strips.

Final opinion: This audiophile power strip is made for the complete protection of your gears. Additionally, you get USB ports in it which is a plus point. So, this particular power strip is also highly recommended.

Viborg VM80 AC Power Filter

Viborg VM80 AC power filter
Viborg VM80 AC power filter

The Vibro VM80 aluminum cased AC Power Filter audiophile power strip is the next choice on the list. One of the most expensive power strips with the best output and features.

The first thing to discuss is phase detection. The circuit automatically detects the ground wire connection and operates accordingly.

The second thing to consider is voltage protection. A tool like this can be an ideal solution for those of you with unsafe electrical circuits in your home so that your hi-fi system is protected and your sound system performs at its best.

In addition to protecting you from surges and spikes, voltage protection prevents dangerous voltages from reaching your gear. 

Clean and filtered power delivery is the next most important feature. Your gear will be able to perform at its best with the VM80 because it provides noise-free and interference-free power.

There will be no distortion or other problems. Additionally, if you connect a TV, projector, home theater, or any other device, then you’ll experience the best picture quality.

Finally comes Overload Protection. It shuts down automatically if it detects more than 15A of current, so your devices won’t be overloaded. If it shuts down, you need to press the reset button and turn it on again.


  • 5-ft power cord included.
  • UPS not needed.
  • Removes distortion and provides clean power.
  • Overload protection to keep the gears safe.


  • Very close plug spacing.
  • Mostly expensive

Final opinion: Featuring a high level of functionality, this product will meet all of your needs. If you can consider its high price, then I’ll suggest you purchase the VM80 to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

WAudio AC Noise Power Filter

WAudio AC noise power filter
WAudio AC noise power filter

Another audiophile power strip from WAudio. The W-4800 is equipped with all the features you need. 

This metal-cased audiophile power strip has a total of 8 universal outlets. Among them, 6 are filtered outlets, and the rest 2 are direct outlets. These outlets are compatible with 110V and 200V both.

Also, make sure that you connect your hi-fi system to the filtered outlets. These 6 filtered outlets receive noise and interference-free power and deliver clean power to your gears to keep them safe. When your gears don’t get any noises, they can perform at their best without distortion or sound problems.

If this WAudio-4800 faces an electric power supply over 15A, it will automatically be powered off to protect your audio-video devices. If it is turned off this way, then all you need to do is, press the reset button, and the power will be restored.

The highest level or spike and surge protections are generated to your TV, computer, projector, home theater, soundbox, or other devices if they are connected to the W-4800 audiophile power strip.


  • Universal Outlets for easy plug-in.
  • Power Cord Included.
  • Thick Aluminum case.
  • Generates clean power to provide distortion-free sound.
  • Compatible with both 220V and 100V.


  • Can sometimes limit the bass of the sound system.

Final opinion: This one has everything someone can look for in an audiophile power strip with multiple voltage compatibility and universal outlets to make the usage more convenient. Most importantly, it’s a little cheaper than the rest of the power strips on the list. So if you are looking to buy one without having a big cut in your pocket, you can go for the W-4800. 

What is the best brand of audiophile power strip?

Nobody can answer this question confidently that one particular brand is the best for audiophile power strips. There are many brands with different qualities, features, and price tags.

Suppose you are looking for an audiophile power strip with all the safety features and a lower price. In that case, I’ll suggest you go for the Tripp Lite brand because they provide different types of audiophile power strips with different qualities and features.

Additionally, you will be able to purchase them at a much lower price than other audiophile power strips on the market.

The Tripp Lite brand also offers you a lifetime warranty with a much cheaper power strip which is one of the best things to experience. Therefore, choose according to your needs and buy an audiophile power strip accordingly.

Do audiophile surge protectors filter noise?

The answer is Yes. Audiophile power strips filter noise from the electric appliances connected to the same electric network at a time.

Actually, our electrical networks are always exposed to electromagnetic interference. These interferences are called noise. They are produced by the devices connected to our home or workplace’s electrical network. These noises are disturbing for hi-fi devices connected to a wall outlet. 

An audiophile outlet filters and removes these noises from the electrical network, which ensures the best performance of your audio-video devices connected to it.

What is a non sacrificial surge protector?

We can see two types of surge protectors. They are sacrificial and Non-Sacrificial surge protectors. Both protectors can easily detect a spike in the voltage.

Non-sacrificial surge protectors prevent damages in two different ways. First, voltage is monitored and restricted from passing through to your device.

The clamping voltage prevents the voltage from passing to your device. Whenever the surge protector encounters a powerful surge, it stops distributing power to the devices within milliseconds.

What is a power conditioner audio? 

A power conditioner audio is an audiophile power strip that filters the noises in the electric network and delivers safe and clean power to your devices. 

When your hi-fi or audio-video system gets filtered power, they can perform at their best, and you can experience the performance.


You may get a lot of audiophile power strips on the market. Nonetheless, you will need to choose the right one based on your needs. 

If you are confused about purchasing an audiophile power strip, you can know details about it by reading the above part. The purpose of this article was to outline everything you need to know about audiophile power strips. So, pick the best one and get started.

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