10 Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protectors 2022 [Buying Guide]

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RV batteries are a huge investment for any camper. So you need to make sure you keep them charged up and safe. Also, protecting them from a surge, a large and sudden increase in voltage is momentary. These surges are very dangerous, especially to sensitive electronics.

Surge protectors come in a variety of sizes and types, but the main idea is that they should have enough capacity to handle any voltage spike, and enough power to charge your RV’s battery in a timely fashion. Also, RVers love their electronics, but they hate having their expensive gear fried in a fire. It’s hard to protect your gear when you’re camping. 

That’s why I’ve rounded up the 10 best R surge protectors today, and compiled a buying guide so you can pick the right one for your RV.

Our Top Picks

  • Hughes Autoformers RV220-50-SP

    • Boosting
    • Best Service
    • Bluetooth Module
    • Diagnostic Indicators
    • Suppression Rate
  • Best Value

    Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO-H 50

    Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO-H 50
    • Bluetooth Operated
    • Longevity
    • Better Suppression Rate
    • LED Diagnostics
  • Surge Guard 44270

    • High Suppression Rate
    • Portability
    • Weather Resistance
    • Special Features

Most Popular 50 AMP RV Surge Protectors

RV Surge Protector 50 amp, POWSAF RV Power Defender Voltage ...

1. RV Surge Protector 50 amp, POWSAF RV Power Defender Voltage

  • Brand: POWSAF
  • Manufacturer: POWSAF
  • Color: Black

Features we like:

  • Advanced level protection: With advanced protection kits like TVS, MOV, and Gas Discharge Tube (GDT), this RV surge ensures a minimum of 4100J energy absorbing capacity.
  • Waterproof/Weather Resistant: This 50 amp surge protector from POWSAF is specially designed for outdoor usage. You can use it in rough weather conditions without getting worried about damage. 
  • LED indicators: If there is any fault in the circuit, the LED indicators blink and let you know which problem is caused.
  • Service and Warranty: The after-sell service is considered very good by POWSAF. Their customer service responds within 24 hours. You can return the product within 30 days if unsatisfied with its service, and they also ensure a 3 years money replacement policy.


This smart surge protector detects faulty power and maintains a steady power supply while protecting sensitive electronics such as TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, satellite dish, etc.

You can easily plug it in directly to shore power or a disposable generator without it getting in your way. In addition, it has MOV (metal oxide varistor) for excellent performance and reliability.

The POWSAF 50 amp RV surge protector is designed for outdoor use and provides up to 4100 Joules of protection. It has been built with diagnostic LED lights, making it easy when plugging in and unplugging.

There is gas discharge tube technology built into it to protect you against hazardous lightning strikes. Also, it is compatible with surge protection in 30 amp or 50 amp RV/Marine applications, including 50 amp RVs, 5th wheel trailers, and motor homes.

It is a great product to protect your RV from over-voltage, under-voltage, and uneven power fluctuations. Additionally, it offers superior protection for electronics in RVs.

Most users find it appealing for its gentle glow when surge protected, which means you don’t have to turn it on continuously. Most importantly, it offers friendly customer service & comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so it will be really a risk-free purchase for you.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for outdoor use in poor weather conditions.


  • No major cons.
Also Consider

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 50 ...

2. Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

  • Brand: Technology Research
  • Manufacturer: Southwire Company, LLC
  • Color: Black & Yellow
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.5 Inches Width: 3.8 Inches Length: 22.1 Inches Weight: 0.03 Pounds


  • High Suppression Rate: With a 4200J of suppression rating, this 50-Amp surge protector becomes a reliable item to provide complete protection to your RV against any power surges and spikes. 
  • Portability: It’s a very lightweight device with a compact design. You can carry on your trips easily without having any hassles. 
  • Weather Resistance:  This Surge Guard protector is designed to survive in rough weather conditions, which makes it preferable for consumers. 
  • Special Features: It comes with Easy T-pull handles, a polarity correction feature, and LED indicators to inform the current condition.


Technology Research’s 50 Amp portable surge protector will protect all the electronics you want to bring along. The product is well built and features bright, easy-to-see lights that illuminate when the current exceeds 1200 volts.

In addition, the unit analyzes circuits to determine whether pedestal power or shoreline power is being used without testing the ground. This saves the user time and money. If any human-made errors are found with an improperly wired power box, the unit will stop working.

This device has slots that are wide enough to accommodate multiple bulky adapters without requiring users to squeeze their cords into a small space. Furthermore, it comes with a long power cord, allowing you to remain in your vehicle while using the device and protecting you in case you drop it.

With Technology Research 44270 surge guard, you can rest assured that it will hold up well to any power outage. Furthermore, it provides fast and easy protection against high voltage surges.

Among its features are built-in lights, shoreline power analysis, circuit verification, and easy access to outlets. Its main advantage is that it only works on high voltage spikes or surges and will not create any problems with low voltage or under voltage.

The unit includes a limited lifetime warranty, so you need not doubt its quality or durability. As this product is backed by Technology Research, you can be assured that it is reliable.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Very portable.
  • Tight-fitting connection.
  • Perfect for high voltage spikes.
  • Work with low and high voltage.


  • You may feel tight when plugging in a 50 amp cord.
Recommended(Top Pick)

Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO-H, 50 Amp Spike Power Watchdog with Shut ...

3. Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO-H, 50 Amp Spike Power Watchdog

  • Brand: Hughes Autoformers
  • Manufacturer: Hughes Autoformers
  • Color: One
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.0 Inches Width: 8.0 Inches Length: 12.0 Inches

Features we like:

  • Bluetooth Operated: With an app on your smartphone, you can easily monitor the live park power conditions on this wireless RV surge protector. Tracing the voltage level and current draw from anywhere has now become easier with this advanced technology used in this device.
  • Longevity: This device is so well-constructed and durable that it ensures a longer lifespan and user-friendly experience. 
  • Better Suppression Rate: The PWD50 EPO-H has a decent power suppression rate of 4800J, which is higher than other models. Protection against power surges in the line is now stronger with it.
  • LED Diagnostics: It has 9 error codes to indicate on the LED to let you know which issue has been found.


The Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO-H is an excellent solution for those dealing with constant power outages caused by surges. It features an auto-shutdown function that detects sudden voltage fluctuations.

Also, its 4-second power delay monitoring system ensures that your circuits are protected from accidental overloading before electricity is turned off. This means there’s no risk of damage from excessive current.

Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful, replaceable surge/spike module that guards against surge damage. If any part/module is damaged after long-term use, you can easily replace it without having to purchase a new one.

The panel comes with an impressive surge protector that can absorb 4800 joules of power. Its metal oxide varistors protect against its highest capacity power spike of 7,500 amps. It has a per-power diagnostic LED indicator that detects grounding problems, open circuits, wrong polarity, and overloading of circuits.

In order to prevent overheating, the mainframe has thermal overload protection, which shuts down power automatically. Moreover, the unit is protected against short circuits and other damage caused by high-temperature loads.

PWD50-EPO-H is designed with a reset button that shuts off power to all connected circuits in the event of an overload. By doing this, users can shut down the unit without having to remove it from the wall. This prevents accidental overloads from causing damage.

It is best known for its wireless monitoring system, which allows you to switch the connected circuits on and off from any location. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can conveniently monitor the status of your connected devices as long as they’re within your wireless range.

This model of Hughes Autoformers comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can trust this surge protector will last a lifetime.


  • Auto restart after a power failure.
  • Auto shut off to prevent damage if voltage or amperage is too high or low.
  • Long cord for easier use.
  • Plenty of options for a variety of applications.


  • Price is pretty much higher than others.

Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp

4. Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model – 50 Amp

  • Brand: Surge Guard
  • Manufacturer: Southwire Company, LLC
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.0 Inches Width: 6.0 Inches Length: 12.0 Inches Weight: 1.0 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Multiple Protection Modes: To keep your rig fully protected from all sorts of surges. It provides enough protection from reverse polarity, open ground, and natural issues your RV faces. 
  • Automatic Reset Function: The power of your RV gets down by the surge protector if there is any fault in the line. But you don’t have to power it on manually if it gets down because this device turns the power on when it returns to a safe level.
  • 128-Second Reset Time Delay: To protect your AC compressor from spikes, the Surge Guard has a 128-second reset time delay feature.
  • Easy Installation: You can permanently install this surge protector inside your RV without calling an expert. Its hardwired option makes the installation process so easy that a person with minimal knowledge of wiring can install it. 


The unit comes with an automatic reset feature that makes it ready to use once more to ensure maximum protection for your appliances, A/C compressors, and other expensive components adjacent to the building’s plug point.

It also comes with multiple modes of surge suppression so you can be confident in knowing this 50 amp hardwired model offers complete peace of mind.

Moreover, it can protect against energy surges up to 3850 joules. People like this advanced RV protector for its remote status indicator and its ability to protect the AC compressor from damage.

This surge protector contains a grounded metal oxide varistor (MOV) that protects against power surges. A MOV is visible at the top of one image, and below it is a transformer similar to those found in power supply units.

Further, the heat-resistant exterior makes it a great choice for hot climates. It’s a strong device that works even when the power surges.

Keep in mind that this product is not designed to interact with surge suppressors or GFI devices. If you don’t want to take any chances, this may be the best option for you.


  • Automatic resetting breaker
  • Lighted panel displays.
  • Fuse that monitors both legs.
  • Built-in surge indicator.
  • Solid construction and build.


  • Installation is mostly by wire nuts.
  • Not good for outdoor use.

Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector With ...

5. Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector

  • Manufacturer: Progressive Industries
  • Color: Unspecified
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.5 Inches Width: 5.25 Inches Length: 14.0 Inches Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Lightweight and Portability: This RV surge protector from Progressive Industries weighs under 2.5 pounds less than other models. And also it is portable so you can carry this on your trips.
  • Outdoor Usage: It is protected by a weather shield which means you can use it outdoors and indoors. You don’t have to worry about it being damaged by dust or rain.
  • Operating Temperature: The operating temperature range of this surge protector starts at -45 degrees and can extend to 105 degrees Celsius.
  • Durable: This device has a thermally protected housing wrapping device for enhanced durability. 
  • Indicator: Electrical issues like power surges, spikes, open natural, reverse polarity, and others are indicated by the indicator lights. 


When packing your RV or trailer for the big family vacation, be sure to have the Progressive Industries 50 amp portable RV smart surge protector on hand.

This surge protector has 5 different modes of protection (normal, sensitive, heavy-duty/power equipment, transformer/inverter only, and isolated). This will let you know when you need to replace it.

Additionally, it’s an outdoor powerhouse that can operate from -40°C to +105°C so your investment doesn’t freeze up in the cold winter months. It’s built to last for years whether you’re using it for driveways, backyards, or just checking out a site before you park.

Its lockable brackets ensure extra stability indoors so no tripping is possible late at night while trying to find the bathroom. It also comes with a 3 color LED which helps you get an idea of what sort of surge protection level is being utilized.

Further, it’s rated for 50 amps, which is enough power for your RV, boat, or pull-behind trailer. Also, it’s the same model used by truckers and motor clubs, so you know it’s good for big rigs.

This product is also highly recommended for use in adverse environments, such as mining and construction sites, thanks to its UL-certified design and durability. You can also use it for hardwired protection in your office or home.

It has included surge protector kits; one is a power pedestal tester and surge module which can be used to test and also protect the power pedestal. Also included is a heavy-duty cord with a standard 30A plug that can handle three-wire needs.


  • Very good build quality.
  • Bright and visible display on the front panel.
  • Does not require additional mounting hardware.
  • Compatible with generators.
  • Magnetic cover provides additional protection.


  • Poor customer service.

Southwire Surge Guard - Full Protection Portable with LCD Display, ...

6. Southwire Surge Guard – Full Protection Portable with LCD Display

  • Brand: Southwire
  • Manufacturer: Southwire Company, LLC
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.63 Inches Width: 5.63 Inches Length: 23.38 Inches Weight: 5.0 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Total Electrical Protection System: When you connect the power points and flip on the breaker on the pedestal, the Southwire Surge Protector analyzes the pedestal to ensure it’s got a proper ground, proper neutral, and that there are no reverse polarity issues.
  • Protection against surges and high and low voltage: Any power above 132V and below 103V, this unit will cut you off from that.
  • 10-Second Analysis: It can complete an analysis of the pedestal in just 10 seconds. 
  • Load Side Protection: This device can detect if any open neutral situations are going on inside your RV. It can also detect elevated ground currents within your RV.
  • Locking Ring: With the locking ring on this unit, you can use a cable lock or a chain lock to lock this to the pedestal to prevent theft. 
  • Dual-Line LCD Display: The LCD shows it all. Any power issues and faults it detects, it shows it on display to keep you notified. 


Why not stay connected to the grid with this quality surge guard? With this device, you can protect your electronic equipment from power surges which can come in several forms. There’s no doubt that this is a sturdy, durable system designed for tough environments.

Furthermore, it features an LCD display that is readable in all types of weather and at night! Additionally, it has a lock ring on the cord that prevents theft, which is good for camping. Your system will be well connected to the grid and you’ll also have a nice, stable voltage coming into your RV.

The unit is a bit pricey, but it comes with a lot of great features. As a result, you won’t have to replace expensive electronics due to power surges. The surge guard can be used with all types of generators and alternators.

Southwire’s 50 amp surge guard is the perfect solution for any RV application. With the 10-second countdown startup sequence, you’ll always be prepared for anything that happens. This surge guard features over-current protection which is important since power can build up in your generator.

Moreover, it features power-cord management, so you won’t accidentally trip over the cord and pull it out of the generator. A safety light is also included on this surge guard, which is very helpful at night or during foggy conditions.

It is made of extremely durable material that’s certain to last you for many years. It also comes with 2 sets of cord management clips for when your needs change. You’ll be able to connect it very easily and quickly so you can go camping or boondocking in no time.


  • No noise, no hassle
  • keep your electrical safe.
  • Can handle 50 amps with no problems.
  • Keeps power stable.
  • Will tell you if your wiring is wrong.


  • A little pricey, but worth it over time.

Technology Research Corp 34951 Surge Guard 50A Portable Wireless Surge ...

7. Technology Research Corp 34951 Surge Guard 50A Portable Wireless Surge

  • Brand: Technology Research Corp
  • Manufacturer: Technology Research Corp
  • Color: Black

Features we like:

  • 10 Seconds Analysis: This device makes 10 seconds of the pedestal analysis to ensure any voltage fault in the line. 
  • Continue Monitoring: The RV Surge Guard monitors the line while your RV is connected. If the power is below 102V and above 132V, this unit will cut off the power to your RV.
  • Great Surge Suppressor: Power up to 4200 Joules is protected by this surge guard. It’s the highest level of any unit on the market right now. 
  • Load Side Protection: It detects open neutral conditions and elevated ground currents inside your RV. 
  • Weather Resistant: It works well in snowy, rainy, and all other rough weather conditions, and is weather resistant. 
  • Locking Cable Ring: It allows you to have a cable lock or a chain lock and lock the device to the power pedestal to ensure it remains safe from thieves. 


It is possible to choose the level of protection that is right for you with just one or two outlets at a cost-effective price. When you plug an expensive appliance into the outlet protected by this device, you can rest easy knowing that it is protected from extreme weather events!

The 34951 uses an LED status indicator display to let you know when the device is active. It also has an EMI/RFI noise filter built right in for the protection of your equipment. Also, its 3 levels of protection ensure you choose the appropriate level of safety.

Additionally, the easy installation makes it convenient. In less than a minute, you can connect your surge protector to a wall outlet. Moving this device is also effortless because it weighs just 5.49 pounds.

The best part about this product is that you’ll never have to replace it! That means, that once you buy the 34951, you’re done making all future purchases. You can enjoy one surge protector for all of your appliances for the rest of your life!

The surge guard comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect you even more!


  • Lightweight with great features.
  • Very easy to use and understand.
  • Digital voltage status display.
  • Countdown startup sequence.
  • Perfect for traveling.


  • Little expensive but, worth it.
Best Overall(High Power)

Hughes Autoformers RV220-50-SP, Voltage Booster with Surge Protection, 50 Amp

8. Hughes Autoformers RV220-50-SP, Voltage Booster with Surge Protection, 50 Amp

  • Brand: Hughes Autoformers
  • Manufacturer: Hughes
  • Color: One
  • Dimensions: Height: 14.5 Inches Width: 10.75 Inches Length: 13.0 Inches Weight: 38.0 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Boosting: This device can boost power by 10%. So you have the smooth and constant voltage that your device requires, which also helps the device last longer. 
  • Service: The service from Hughes is great. If the surge protection module fails within the first two years, they will send you a new one for free.
  • Bluetooth Module: With the Bluetooth module in this surge guard, you can monitor power in your RV from your smartphone.
  • Indicator: Power surges, spikes, open naturals, reverse polarity, and other electrical issues are indicated by the indicator lights. 
  • Suppression Rate: A 4800J suppression rating makes this 50-amp surge protector an excellent choice to protect your RV against power surges and spikes.


Hughes Autoformers 50 amp voltage booster is the last voltage booster & surge guard you will ever need! Seriously, there is no comparison to it when it comes to performance and protection.

Its advanced surge protection provides up to a 10% voltage boost for those who need that extra power! The best thing is that it is compatible with adapters, “dog bone” cables, and all other adapters and converters.

When you think of Joules, this surge protector can produce up to 4800 Joules, giving you ultimate protection against dangerous power surges. This surge protector also has a display that shows the status of your connection to shore power, cable security lock, joule rating, and more.

The ‎RV220-50SP model of Hughes Autoformer can protect up to 12,000 watts of power. You can also configure it via the display to shut off at certain levels, depending on your preferences.

It is built with top-quality components for extra-long life and comes with a one-year warranty. According to our research, the Hughes Autoformers 50 amp voltage booster is highly recommended by RV enthusiasts, especially those who love RVs like us!


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • GREAT protection for your RV.
  • Keeps voltage at safe, usable level.
  • Safely boost the voltage in your campsite.
  • No oscillation or fluctuations.
  • Solid design with excellent fit and finish.


  • Expensive.
  • Not good for travel.

Camco Power Grip RV Voltage Protector with Integrated Surge Protection, ...

9. Camco Power Grip RV Voltage Protector With Integrated Surge Protection, …

  • Brand: Camco
  • Manufacturer: Camco
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.9 Inches Width: 5.4 Inches Length: 27.5 Inches Weight: 6.82 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Auto Connect and Disconnect: If there is an overpowering or a low power condition in the pedestal, the voltage protector disconnects the power to keep your electric components safe in the RV. And when the power comes to a safe level, between 102V-132V, it automatically restores the power to your RV.
  • Suppression Rate: The power suppression rate of this unit is 4200J, which is considered enough for a 50V RV. 
  • Diagnostic LEDs: You’ll see 6 LED indicators on this device which are there to notify you about the power level and electrical fault on the pedestal.
  • Weather Resistant: You don’t have to worry about using it in rough weather conditions because it remains protected from bad weather conditions.


The product comes with a 50 amp auto-connect voltage protector with power defender technology that protects your RV’s wiring against surges and shorts. Its protection level is 4,200 joules, and its design is weather-resistant. When the unit is working properly, it does not make a loud buzzing noise.

If the circuit is overloaded or faulted, this device automatically disconnects without affecting other circuits. Also, the device negotiates voltage variations with grid instability, and reduces load buzzing caused by low or high input voltages.

You will never need to switch back on your breaker manually when auto-connect/disconnect is enabled. When you plug your RV into a power source, the device will immediately provide power to your rig. In the event of a voltage irregularity or inconsistency, this will disconnect your RV from its power source.

The unit blocks any voltage surges or spikes on the line in order to keep the wiring protected. As a result, you won’t have to worry about fire hazards. The unit has an LED display that shows the voltage of the incoming power source, which can be tapped into without disconnecting your RV.

A good thing about this unit is that it is NEMA 14-50P-rated, so you will not need an adapter to use it with a NEMA 14-50R outlet. If you are staying in an RV park without hookups or another power source, you will find this device very useful.


  • Easy install.
  • Great customer service.
  • Auto shut off function with great power defender.


  • Construction is not so good.
  • Expensive.

Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector (1 ...

10. Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector

  • Manufacturer: Progressive Industries
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.5 Inches Width: 5.25 Inches Length: 14.0 Inches Weight: 2.19 Pounds

Features we like:

  • Complete Protection: Any fault in the pedestal, like open ground, open neutral, or reverse polarity, is protected by this device to the electric components in your RV safe. 
  • Indicator: The LED indicators show all sorts of faults in the line. Miswired pedestal indication and surge failure indicator are also there.
  • Weather Shield: Works appropriately in any rough weather. This device is also thermally protected to ensure longevity.
  • Other features: A rugged pull handle helps the users to use it efficiently, and the locking bracket ensures protection from thieves. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: This unit has a lifetime warranty, making it worth purchasing.


The Progressive Industries SSP-50X is a well-made RV protector that offers 5 different protection modes, and an open ground indication. It comes with a rugged pull handle that retracts the reset button, so your retractable cord doesn’t get stuck in it.

Since there are 5 protection modes, you can choose the most suitable one for your needs. The most common mode is the surge mode, which will protect your RV against sudden power fluctuations.

Also, the unit is made from tough injection-molded plastic and has a real brushed satin finish, not just a painted one. The installation is very easy, and you can mount it on any flat surface.

The SSP-50X has LED indicators for overvoltage and Undervoltage, open ground, and short circuits. It is designed to connect hardwired to your RV’s AC wiring system and is rated for 1650 joules.

Furthermore, it detects an accidental connection between the pedestal and the ground, as well as the open neutral & reverse polarity detection. Additionally, it has a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Reliable and not overly priced.
  • Simple to read status lights.


  • Low joules Ratings.
  • Plastic cover will not close against the protector frame.

What Should I Look for When Buying an RV Surge Protector?

When buying an RV surge protector there are a few things you should consider. When you follow this advice, you will be more likely to buy a quality product that meets your electrical needs and keeps your RV equipment safe.

1. UL certification:

An overloaded surge protector will not do much good if it fails due to a power surge. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tests products to ensure they meet a minimum standard of safety and quality.

Some surge protectors will carry the UL symbol, but not all, so you should always ask. If the surge protector is not UL-certified, the company cannot honor its warranty.

  • Protection of life and property from fire and electrical hazards.
  • Enhanced value in terms of performance, reliability, durability, and safety.

2. Joules Rating:

A higher joules rating is better. The joules rating indicates how much energy a surge protector can handle before it fails. The higher the rating, the more expensive the unit will be. Therefore, I recommend buying a higher joules rating surge protector.

If you have a surge protector with fewer joules, it’ll be cheaper but failure is more likely and that means that your RV appliances will not be protected. The easiest way to determine how many joules your surge protector can absorb is by looking at the label. 

3. Amp Rating:

In electrical theory, an electrical current measurement tells us how much current can safely flow through your wire. In general, the higher the amp rating, the thicker the wire needs to be. 

Having a 50 Amp RV should be no problem, but increasing the power source may be necessary to protect your camper. So you should increase the size of the wires. So before purchasing a surge protector, make sure it has an adequate amp rating for your RV.

4. Power surge capability:

Your 50 amp power surge protector will protect you against voltage spikes of larger appliances like air conditioners, heaters, ovens, and microwaves. So it’s important to check the power supply of these appliances before plugging them into an electrical source.

If you have more than one appliance, you should check the total amps to ensure that your RV surge protector will accommodate the extra power.

5. Portable vs Built-In:

Depending on portability, there are two types of RV surge protectors. One is a portable RV surge protector and another is a built-in RV surge protector. The portable option allows you to move the unit from one location to another within your RV, which is the option that I recommend.

You can place it near your electrical panel or at the front of your RV, where power cords are most likely to be plugged in. This way, you can easily monitor your appliances and ensure that they are not overloaded.

A built-in RV surge protector is only located in one location of your RV. This option may be better if you have a generator or inverter that is hard to access. So you should consider, which you want before making a purchase.

6. Alarms:

Several RV surge protectors have alarms that sound if they detect any abnormalities in the electrical current. This type of RV surge protector is the only one that has a row for you to set up your voltage and current. But keep in mind that if your appliances overload, it won’t be able to protect them.

Thus, it is a good idea to purchase a surge protector with an alarm. You will be aware of any potential problems with your appliances before they occur.

7. Lighting:

Lighting is another great feature included in some surge protectors. Some surge protectors for RVs have a green light that indicates proper operation. If it is red, you should not plug any appliances into the surge protector until the problem is fixed.

Some 50 amp surge protectors have a red light that turns on when it detects any abnormality. If the problem persists, the light will stay on and you should consider turning off that particular circuit until it is resolved.

So it is a good idea to purchase a surge protector with a LED light on it, as it will alert you when there is a problem. This will reduce the risk of serious damage to your appliances when an electrical problem occurs.

8. Response Time:

A surge protector’s response time measures the time it takes to sense a voltage spike and shut off the power. The faster it can shut off the power, the less damage it will cause to your appliances.

So, a fast response time of a surge protector is another reason that you should consider it. It will ensure that your appliances are not damaged by shutting off the power in time.

You can read our in-depth pros and cons of RV surge protectors.

Tips Before You Plug RVs Into Your 50 amp Surge Protector

Before you plug RVs into a surge protector, you should carefully check these things if you do not have enough knowledge about electrical things.

  • Ensure that the voltage of the power source is at least equal to or higher than one-fourth of the RV’s voltage. For example, if your RV is a 12-volt system, you should plug it into a power source with 120 volts or higher.
  • A surge protector cannot handle any surges from the power source, so if the power source has any electrical problems, it will just pass through to your RV.
  • The surge protector should have a clear label saying “No Equipment Ground”. If the label says “Equipment Ground” or has a green wire, it can not be used as a surge protector and is very dangerous to use with RVs.
  • Do not plug extension cords into surge protectors. It is very dangerous to use surge protectors with extension cords, and it will void the warranty.
  • If you have an Aluminum Alloy Trailer, a Travel Trailer, or any other type of specific instructions, check your owner’s manual.
  • The surge protector must be in good condition when you plug in RVs into it, so check for any damaged material.
  • Check your surge protector at least once a month with a multi-meter to make sure it is still working properly. You should also read your owner’s manual for information on how to do this.
  • Make sure the power source has the right voltage and ampere for RVs, otherwise they will be damaged quickly.
  • A lot of experts agree that mis-wiring is one of the primary causes of RV fires. Therefore, you should check your wiring. You should consult an RV specialist or someone with a lot of experience with electrical components if you aren’t sure how to check it.
  • If the voltage is too low, your appliances will not run efficiently, and they may even be damaged. You should check the voltage regularly.

Never connect an RV, trailer, camper, or any other vehicle to a surge protector designed for homes because it is dangerous. It’s only recommended you use RV surge protectors on RVs.


For RV owners, a good quality 50 amp RV surge protector is an excellent investment. With a top-rated 50 amp surge breaker/guard will be protected against potential hazards such as lightning strikes, power spikes, or surges.

It can also prevent major damage in the form of fires or even injury due to electric shock. Not only does it protect against hazards, but it also offers convenience with its 4 grounded outlets and built-in circuit breaker that can be reset if there ever is an overload. In addition, you will never have to worry about blowing a fuse again when you use a rated 50 amp protector!

5 thoughts on “10 Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protectors 2022 [Buying Guide]”

  1. My RV is wired for 50amp service. My question is if I buy a 50 amp surge protector and in occasion plug it in to a 30 amp or even 15 amp service which is the only available power at the campsite will I still get the full protection benefits of the 50 amp surge protector? Thanks Norm…

    • The devices will be fully protected; however, it is recommended that you should use a surge protector that is compatible with the power of your RV devices. For example, if your RV device requires 30 amps of power, you should use a surge protector that has the capacity to handle 30 amps.

  2. We bought our first motorhome last summer. The motorhome has been used and we have had intermittent issues with the fridge shutting off. After researching online, the standard of nutrition at campsites was a typical theme. I purchased this air conditioning after comparing some makes and models. I have not had an accident since! No lights flickering, no resetting the fridge, nothing. The unit indicates what proportion of current and voltage you’re consuming at any given time. Very easy to use. it has been worth every penny up to now. I might die again within the blink of an eye fixed.

  3. The Hughes RV surge protector is awesome. I really found it useful to sit in our RV and watch the amps draw in real-time. For example the compressor in our A/C cycles on and off according to the thermostat, but the fan is manual and always runs. I found the ability to monitor when the compressor cycled on and off very useful in quickly fine-tuning the thermostat to ensure the A/C was set properly. I can also see when the hot water heater kicks on, gauge how many amps each appliance draws, and know when I have spare capacity to plug in a particular extra appliance into a 120-volt outlet.


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