Best 2 Prong Surge Protectors (2022 Buying Guide)

When it comes to surge protectors, there are two types that you will find in the market: 2 prongs and 3 prongs. Most 2-prong surge protectors are designed to protect your devices from electrical spikes and line noise.

This article will provide you with a buying guide to choose the best 2 prong surge protectors. Also, share some question’s answer about the topic.

What is 2 Prong Surge Protector?

When it comes to electrical safety, it’s essential to use a surge protector. A surge protector is a device that helps protect your electronic devices and home appliances from power spikes. There are different types of surge protectors, but the two most common are 2-prong and 3-prong.

2-prong surge protectors are typically less expensive than 3-prong surge protectors, but they don’t offer as much protection. In addition, they work best for small electronics items like phones and tablets. So it’s essential to choose the right type of surge protector for your home based on the type of electronics you have.

2 prong surge protector power strip
2 prong surge protector power strip

What Appliances Are Suitable For 2-Prong Power Strip Surge Protector?

A few appliances are compatible with 2-prong surge protectors or power strips. These include devices like routers, digital cameras, and televisions. These appliances work best when they are plugged into a surge protector or power strip that has been specifically designed for use with these types of devices.

It is essential to ensure that the surge protector or power strip you choose is certified by the National Electric Code (NEC). This will ensure that protect your devices from spikes in voltage.

Are two-prong surge protectors safe?

Two-prong surge protectors can effectively protect devices from surges, but there are some risks associated with using them. When the power surges, the current can flow through both of the protector’s prongs and potentially damage your device.

Additionally, if the surge protector is plugged into an outlet that is not protected correctly, you could be at risk of electrical shock. Always consult a qualified electrician to install a surge protector and ensure it is protected adequately against spikes in voltage and currents.

Buying Advice of 2 Prong Power Strip Surge Protector

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a 2 prong power strip or surge protector.

The first is the device you are using the power strip or surge protector for. Some power strips and surge protectors have multiple sockets that can handle different plugs, while others are designed specifically for electronic equipment.

The second consideration is the size of the surge protector. Unfortunately, not all power strips and surge protectors come in multiple sizes, so it is vital to choose one that will fit your needs and space.

Finally, consider the price and quality of the product before making your purchase. Unfortunately, many low-quality products on the market will not last long, so be sure to research carefully before purchasing.

Core Difference Between 2 Prong and 3 Prong Surge Protector

There are two types of surge protector outlets, 2 prongs and 3 prongs. The main difference between the two is that 3 prong surge protectors have a third electrical wire running along the protector’s side. This wire is called the ground wire. When a surge comes in, it creates a voltage spike on this wire, protecting other devices connected to the outlet from being damaged.

2 prong protectors don’t have this ground wire and instead rely on the metal casing of the outlet to provide protection. This means that 2 prong surge protectors will not work with devices that have a 3 prong plug.

If you’re looking for a surge protector for your electronic devices, the best option is probably a 3 prong surge protector. However, if you only need protection from power spikes, a 2 prong surge protector will work just fine.

NTONPOWER 2 Prong Surge Protector Power Strip


  • 4 AC Outlets 
  • 4 USB Ports.
  • Maximum 1700 Joules Surge Protection.
  • 10 feet Cord.
  • 1.19 Pounds.

When you are tired of using 3 prong power strips, and you would like a 2 prong power strip that offers the same features, then you should consider the NTONPOWER 2 prong surge protector power strip.

Firstly, it features a 180-degree rotating two-prong plug that can be used wherever you wish. If the wall outlet is behind your bookshelf or reading table, you can still use this two-prong plug since it rotates 180 degrees.

Additionally, you get four USB ports integrated with smart IC technology, allowing your tablet or smartphone to receive the exact amount of electricity needed. As a result, your device can receive fast charging on this power strip. 

With a surge protection rating of 1joules, this product offers complete protection against spikes and power surges. It also has an LED switch. 

The NTONPOWER surge protector power strip is made from flame-retardant material, ensuring flame retardancy up to 1382 degrees F or 750 degrees C. 

  • 180 Degree Rotating Plug
  • Long Cord
  • Flame-Retardant Material
  • USB Outlets
  • No UL rating

Overall, it’s an ideal 2 prong surge protector with a decent price tag. Though you get only 4 AC outlets, those 4 USB outlets are a real bonus for you. Recommended for purchase.

Dorggi 2 Prong Power Strip


  • 10 AC Outlets
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Maximum Power 3000W
  • 700J Surge Protection
  • 6.6 Feet Power Cord
  • Weights 1.5 Pounds 

Dorggi’s two-prong power strip offers many features you would love to find in any power strip used to power a television, computer, hi-fi device, etc. 

With this power strip, you get a total of 13 outlets. In total, there are 13 outlets, including 10 AC outlets and 3 USB A ports. You can plug your devices into those 10 outlets with 3 prongs. The plugs are positioned widely so that larger adaptors may be plugged easily.

The power strip is capable of protecting your electric appliances from surges, spikes, and lightning both when it is on and when it is off. Moreover, it has overload, power surge, short circuit, and over-current protection, as well as heat resistance.

As a result of these protections, your electric equipment remains safe during stormy weather, sudden lightning strikes, or any other type of electric hazards. To ensure the safety of your electric appliances, it automatically shuts off the power when it detects any of the above hazards. 

Last but not least, I appreciate its fire-resistant shell. It protects your devices until they are below 1382 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • More Outlets
  • Polarized 2 Prong Plug
  • Fire Resistant Shell
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Not compatible with heavy-duty appliances like AC

If you require a 2 prong polarized power strip with additional AC outlets and USB ports, then it is an excellent option for you. Although the power surge rating is lower than other power strips, it will fulfill your needs. 

Gutedeal 2 Prong Power Strip


  • 3 AC Outlets
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Maximum Power 2500W
  • 6.6 Feet Power Cord Plus 9.8 Feet Extension Long Cord

Gutedeal’s 2-Prong Power Strip is convenient for adding power to a television, computer, Hi-Fi, and many other devices. 

This power strip provides a total of seven outlets. Among the seven outlets are four USB A ports and three AC outlets. You can plug your electronic devices into those outlets using 3 prongs. In addition, larger adapters can be easily plugged in since they are positioned widely. Its maximum output is 2500 watts, which is sufficient for most home appliances. 

When this power strip is in use, electric appliances will be protected from surges, spikes, and lightning. It provides over-current and overload protection, as well as surge, short circuit, and short circuit protection.

As a result of these safety measures, your electric equipment remains protected during stormy weather or when lightning strikes, or whenever there is another electrical danger in your home. If any of the above hazards is detected, the power is cut to prevent any damage to your electric appliances. 

There is an ON/OFF switch with a LED indicator so that you can manually switch on and off the outlets.

  • More USB Outlets
  • Polarized 2 Prong Plug
  • Maximum Power Output
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Only 3 AC outlets

This is an excellent option if you are looking for a polarized 2-prong power strip with additional USB ports. It has fewer AC outlets, but if you consider its price, it might be a good option.

NTONPOWER 2 Prong Surge Protector with Flat Rotating Plug


  • 4 AC Outlets 
  • 4 USB Ports.
  • 125 Volts
  • Maximum 1700 Joules Surge Protection.

If you are tired of the 3 prong power strips and want a 2 prong power strip that offers the same benefits, you may want to consider the NTONPOWER 2 prong surge protector power strip.

Due to its 180-degree rotation, you will be able to plug it into any outlet worldwide. Since the 2-prong plug is 180 degrees rotatable, it can be connected to any outlet, even if the outlet is hidden behind a bookshelf or reading table.

Furthermore, you will receive 4 USB ports that feature smart IC technology, ensuring your tablet or smartphone will get the exact amount of power it needs. You can also use this power strip for fast charging. 

With a surge protection rating of 1700 joules, this product makes sure your devices are protected against spikes and power surges. It also features an LED switch. 

In order to ensure flame retardancy at 750 degrees Celsius or 1382 degrees F, NTONPOWER surge protector power strips are made with flame-retardant material. 

  • 180 Degree Rotating Plug
  • Longer Cord
  • 1700 joule surge protection
  • Smart Current Detection
  • No UL rating

Overall, it is a good, affordable surge protector with 2 prongs. It’s featured with advanced technology, which attracts the consumers who are looking for a 2 prong 3 prong power strip.

Final Thourghts

When it comes to buying 2 prong surge protectors, you have a few different options. Some of the best 2 prong surge protectors have a built-in filter and are designed to protect computer equipment and other electronics.

Others are simply plug-and-play devices that work with most devices and do not require installation. The best way to determine which type of 2-prong surge protector is right for your needs is to research each option thoroughly.

However, the above two-prong surge protector buying guide should help you decide on the best option for your needs.

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