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Smart Home Protector is a blog that strives to share safety tips for homes and reviews of products that make homes safer. We focus on reviewing the latest home safety gadgets, how-to’s, and innovations in the world of home security, as well as highlighting innovative ways to keep a family safe and secure. You’ll find trusted information from our team of experts at Smart Home Protector!

Our goal is to share with you all the information you need and never have to worry about home security.

Story Behind Creating This Blog!

It’s not a big story. The blog founder lost a large number of house materials once when his house was burglarized. After this incident, he realized that they should have a smart security system/protector installed in his home. So that these can help him to prevent theft or other unwanted events in his house.

His blog was born out of this perspective after he experienced a big loss of home equipment.

Palash Talukder

Hi, I am Palash an entrepreneur, tech lover, and the founder of Smart Home Protector. I am highly conscious of my home security and safety because I use many electrical gadgets and sometimes spend time outside of my apartment.

That’s why I prefer to secure my apartment with the latest smart home security devices. The purpose of my blog is to inspire and motivate you to secure your home using smart devices or natural methods.


I’m Bobby Taylor, a tech lover, writer, and editor for Smart Home Protector. I am also a customer relationship officer of a well-established electronics manufacturer company in the United States.

I have been editing content for over 1 year here at Smart Home Protector.

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