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Palash Talukder

My name is Palash Talukder, and I’m the creator of Smart Home Protector, your one-stop site for providing guides to keep your home safe with innovative technology.

Story Behind Creating This Blog!

It’s not a big story. It’s just simple. I lost a large number of house materials once when my house was burglarized.

I realized after this happened that I should protect my home with an intelligent security system/protector and store such gadgets in my house that can assist me in preventing thefts or other unwanted happenings.

As a result, I began to gather information online about how smart technology can keep a home safe and secure. But, unfortunately, I was not able to find the information or article that I wanted.

Also, it wasn’t easy to find a suitable place for them. That’s why I thought I should write about it. From this point of view, I started this blog. I hope my blog can be helpful to those who are suffering from the same problem.

About Smart Home Protector

Smart Home Protector is a blog that strives to share safety tips for homes and reviews of products that make them safer. We focus on reviewing the latest technology, how-to’s, and innovations in the world of home security, as well as highlighting innovative ways to keep your family safe and secure. You’ll find trusted information from our team of experts at Smart Home Protector!

We’ve been helping families make their homes safe by providing them with detailed articles about how to protect their homes against break-ins, fires, power outages, and much more!

We also review smart gadgets that can help keep your family safe. Our goal is to share with you all the information you need, never to have to worry about home security.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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