7 Tips to Protect Your RV’s Electrical System From Surges

Do you dream of taking your electric RV devices on a road trip? Have you ever been concerned about surges that might damage the electrical system of your house or devices while you’re gone?

Worried about your RV’s electrical system? May be yes! then you know electrical surges can be a real problem for RV owners.

When coming back from a long trip and find out that the surge protector or RV electronics didn’t work. That’s why it’s important to take some time before you leave to make sure your RV is protected.

Electrical surges are one of the most common causes of damage to RVs, but they’re also some solutions to prevent them. All you need is a good surge protector and some basic knowledge about how to use it.

Here are 7 tips that will help you protect your RV’s electrical system from electrical surges while you’re away on vacation or work trips.

7 Tips to Protect Your RV’s Electrical Device From Surges

Tips: 1) Don’t leave your RV plugged in for too long. If you’re want to go outside for a few weeks., it’s fine to turn your generator off and unplug the fuses from the inverter or power converter box.

Tips: 2) You should have an automatic timer so that it doesn’t stay on all day while you’re away. You can set it to turn your generator on for a few hours in the morning and evening or any given time.

Tips: 3) Keep all of your electronics turned off when you’re not using them. Open up the power converter box or inverter and unplug every single item until you need it again.

Tips: 4) You should also make sure you have the right type of surge protector, which can be a whole house one and not just for your RV. You can find these at any home improvement store or on Amazon.

Tips: 5) If there’s anything in your fridge that needs to stay cool while you’re gone, plug it into an external power converter box or inverter. This will keep the power running to your fridge without overloading anything else on the circuit.

Tips: 6) If there’re any items that you won’t be using, unplug them from their sockets and then disconnect them from the RV’s electrical system entirely.

Tips: 7) Finally, make sure you have the right type of surge protector for your RV’s electrical device. And also make sure it’s not in a place where water can damage it. Besides, you should find out how much power is needed before buying any equipment or installing anything on your electrical system.

The Bottom Line

If you have lots of electrical devices at your home, you should remember surges are one of the most likely causes of damage to any electrical device. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure your RV is protected from electrical surges with a surge protector and timer.

Also, make sure all electronics are turned off and unplugged when not in use. Finally, if possible buy a whole house surge protector instead of just one for the RV. This will protect everything else.

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